Emerging Leaders

How do you go from where you are now to embracing the role of a leader? Do you desire to develop the power to make a difference? What are strategies you can use to step into your strengths and values in order to make a difference in your work and your community? 

Emerging Leader coaching is for people who are moving up in their company or career and sees themselves stepping into larger leadership roles within their organization in the future, for those who want to take a more active leadership role in their community, entrepreneurs, visionaries, and recent college graduates looking to take that next big step in life.

  • Emerging Leaders For Individuals includes a 6-month coaching partnership, all topics are related to your leadership development. Topics for exploration include: developing your unique leadership style for becoming an effective leader, building a strong foundation for taking your leadership to the next level, identifying the values to bring out your passion, and focusing your skills and talents.
  • Emerging Leaders For Groups is a 6-month program consisting of monthly workshops on leadership skills and coaching for the individuals involved in the workshops.

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Becoming Leaders for Life©

Becoming Leaders for Life©(BLL) is an integrated leadership development and coaching curriculum that focuses on tapping into the leadership capacity within each individual. This is done through a series of workshops supplemented by personalized coaching with a professional certified trainer. While the program can be tailored to your specific needs, here’s a look at what’s offered.

Workshop Series

    • Intentional Leadership – Develop your leadership around a set of intentions and define your core values.
    • Effective Communication – Deepen your listening skills and acquire more tools and strategies to enhance your communication. 
    • Group Development and Conflict Resolution – Bring out your best work through system awareness, understanding the core principles of teamwork, and developing greater trust of self and others.
    • Identifying and Using your Strengths – Get to the essence of your best leadership by understanding your own strengths and recognizing and appreciating the strengths of others.
    • Intercultural Effectiveness – Strengthen your leadership by embracing yourself, your work, and team from an intercultural perspective.
    • Ceaseless Pursuit of Excellence – Translate this experiential learning into future application as a leader while choosing a future course.


    • Coaching is the key for authentically integrating the information learned from the workshops with real-life applications. It offers participants the opportunity for deeper insight – exploring how we as individuals are connected to the great community of learning – and encourages accountability as the concepts are genuinely cultivated and practiced.
    • 6 – 8 coaching sessions are provided over a six-month period. Peer coaching and developing peer relationships can also be integrated into the curriculum.

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