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Individual Coaching is for people who are ready to have change in their life and who want to bring out their best self, whatever their current situation might be. Coaches work with individuals gain an awareness and appreciation for your personal strengths and values, help you determine where you want to be and how you want to get there.We suggest beginning with a 3-month agreement with an option to extend..

Examples of life’s transitions when life coaching can be useful:

  • Graduating from college
  • Starting a new career
  • Changing careers
  • Becoming an “empty nester”
  • Retirement
  • Becoming a widow/widower

When families are called together to make decisions; despite our best intentions, they can be our greatest blessing and our greatest challenge.

Family coaching is for families who want to enrich and strengthen their relationships in order to achieve a greater goal, for families who would like some guidance and support in achieving this, and for families who want to make a positive contribution to the next generation.This includes a tailored solution to help you set goals and achieve them as a family instead of as individuals. Coaching includes developing effective communication, in-person sessions with the individuals and the family as a whole, and resources. The length of family coaching depends on the topics you would like to address.

Examples when family coaching can be useful:

  •  A new union which creates a blended family
  • Leaving a legacy
  • Property succession
  • Navigating complicated circumstances and seeking support with an outside perspective
  • A death in the family

Property Succession Planning

Property succession or property succession planning is the art of passing ownership of the family place – such as a cabin, cottage, lake place or family land – down to the next generation. It’s an “art” because an effective property succession plan involves the coordination of many people around a legal framework that represents the vision of the founding owners and includes a plan to transition ownership. While it may be a difficult subject, understanding and creating a property succession plan today, will better prepare you and your family to get the most out of your special place tomorrow. And with the ever-changing landscape of families and the complexity of economic times, it’s increasingly important to understand exactly what kind of vision and relationship you and your family want to have with your property in the future.

Our Lake Place, an offering of NorthWay Group, is prepared to provide guidance, so the family can have quality time together. We do this through Our Lake Place materials that get you started on the pre-work involved with property succession and through coaching. These tools are intended to help you understand your vision and your family’s wishes before you engage the services of a professional such as an attorney, tax planner, or other professional to develop your plan.

Leaving Your Legacy: An Introductory Workbook To Property Succession

Through Our Lake Place, NorthWay Group has developed the only comprehensive property succession planning guide available on the market.

The Leaving Your Legacy workbook gives you the opportunity to explore your ideas and options for a property succession plan. You will record your own thoughts and vision – including the current operating costs and responsibilities involving your property– learn about some property ownership options, and finally, consider how you want to take the next step in your property succession plan.

Already have a property succession plan in place? You can still use this workbook as a place to record your thoughts and wishes, as well as to share any information about the property that will be useful for the next generation of owners. Any information you can provide, will give your family better clarity and understanding of your vision.

If you’re the relative or child, this workbook can be a useful tool for understanding your relative or parent’s vision – and help you articulate your own.

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