Executive Coaching

Are you in a new position and looking to maximize your contribution? Or are you well-established in your current position and looking to maximize your fullest potential?

Executive coaching is for leaders who want to bring out the best in themselves and their business or organization  by honing their management style.  The general executive package includes a 6-month coaching relationship that begins with weekly sessions, tapering off to monthly, then bi-monthly sessions. You will learn about leading within your organization from a place of vision and values; striving to create a good work-life balance that leads to effective leadership and work teams.

Did you know that life coaching got its start in the executive world?

Companies realized if they could bring out the best in their top executives, the rest of the organization would benefit.

For organizations that are looking to develop leadership skills of non-executive individuals, Emerging Leaders provides similar topics and preparation for those stepping into leadership roles or management positions.

Yes! I want an Executive Coach!

Team Development

“The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.” – Aristotle

Anyone who has ever worked with a team knows this to be true. Teams become more effective by consciously developing a new entity which is greater than the sum of its parts. Taking time to develop a team means getting the best work for your organization and achieving the best results for your project or clients.

Team Coaching is a way to maximize the effectiveness of work teams and get group productivity to flow. Coaches work closely with your team  to develop communication skills, teach mediation skills and effective ways to navigate conflict, learn how to contribute based on the individuals’ unique skill sets, and reach common goals. Coaching can be general team development or  project-specific and can be situational (i.e. based on one project) or ongoing.This tailored solution can include specific skill building workshops, consultation regarding the team’s performance and a team assessment, ongoing sessions relating to the specific project and any barriers being encountered along the way. NorthWay Group can also provide that external accountability for the progress expected to be made by the team.

Team Coaching is ideal for executive boards, management teams, and work groups.

Develop potential in your business or organization through tailored solutions that meet the unique needs of your organization or through our general workshops.

Leaders in Transition

Have you recently taken on a leadership position, changed organizations, or taken on a new project where you are really being stretched? Are you leading your organization through a transition or stepping into a role to assist a transition? Working with a coach can help you focus on strategies to maximize your effectiveness.

Are you interested in developing leadership for yourself or your organization? Email us today!



Maximizing Communications within Organizations
Ineffective communications within an organization or with clients can severely impact both customer and employee satisfaction. NorthWay Group’s unique approach to maximizing communications starts with an assessment, then designs a workshop, followed by coaching opportunities, which will bring out the best in your team.

Intercultural Excellence
Each of us operates from our own set of cultural values, attitudes, and beliefs and it can be a challenge to communicate effectively when our individual spheres come into contact with others. Learn how to relate to others cross-culturally and watch your effectiveness soar through our unique experiential learning coupled with coaching.

The Strengths Approach to Team Building
Learn about the unique strengths of every member of the team! This workshop and strengths assessment will enable you and your staff to recognize and value the individual contributions of each team member. This approach lets you design projects and assignments based on knowledge of where each employee excels and strengthens your entire organization.

Conflict Resolution
Don’t let conflict derail your mission. Our conflict resolution program combines coaching with Polarity Management, to allow your team to make the connections necessary to obtain your goals.

Strategic Planning
NorthWay Group will work with your Board or planning team to help clarify mission, visions, and goals. We will help you develop an action plan outlining the steps to help your organization reach its fullest potential

Organizational assessment
Become a premier organization in your field. Find out what your organization is good at, and what can take it to the next level! This assessment, based on the appreciative inquiry method, offers the opportunity to celebrate what’s going right and outlines a process to continue on the path to excellence.

Other workshops available here.

Government Agencies & Employment Services

Along with leadership and team development within your agency, we provide employee education opportunities and workshops to help you better serve your clients. Workshops cover such topics as:

  • Cultural Competency
  • Asset-based approach to serving people in poverty
  • Coaching Skills

For additional workshops, click here.

For Clients You Serve

NorthWay Group also provides programming support for your clients through Action Plan for Living: A New Approach to Poverty, developing tailored solutions for your clients’ unique needs, and coaching.

Action Plan for Living: A New Approach to Poverty

NorthWay Group designs and implements programs for working with people in poverty. We customize our offerings for individual organizations and communities in recognition of the different needs, resources, stakeholders, and collaborative partners and available resources.

We believe in the importance of relationships and education in moving people out of poverty and on their way to achieving their fullest potential. We use a holistic approach, taking into account the client’s culture, values, and current life situation.

Using a combination of workshops, coaching, and resource identification, we help clients:
• Recognize their strengths and skills
• Develop soft skills
• Learn the “secret codes” of professional settings
• Develop social capital
• Set goals that result in improved education, careers, and independence from public assistance.
• Focus employment searches
• Learn strategies for resume building
• Learn strategies for employment interviews
• Develop support structures to increase employability

Graduates of the Action Plan series work individually with a coach to help them sustain positive change, provide accountability to achieving goals, and support students as they attain stability in their lives.

Beltrami Works

Northern Minnesota can be a wonderful place to live. Unfortunately, it is also home to the three poorest counties in the state.

Beltrami Works is a current project designed and implemented by NorthWay Group in Beltrami County, Minnesota. It incorporates workshops and professional coaching to help people in poverty focus on the individual areas of their lives that need improvement. Specifically, we help people clarify what goals they need to set in order to achieve economic readiness, independence, stability, and wellness.

Our students say:
 –  “It’s uplifting coming here, like I can go on and achieve my goals. You aren’t looked down on here- everyone believes in me”
 –  “Now I know that setting goals takes a lot of work, but that’s better than being stuck in a rut of inaction, and always dealing with difficulties.”
–  “I’ve never allowed myself to think about my future before. Now we’re turning my dreams into something I can attain.”
–  “I used to say “I can’t do that!” Now I say “It may take some time, but I can do it!”
–  “When I’m here, I’m not judged for where I am or for my past. You just go from there and help me find the way to move on.”
–  “I’m clearer about my goals now, not just that, I have a plan to get there. I can figure out how to get there, and I have you to help me when I start to feel stuck. Now I know what I want to do with my life!”

If you would like to learn more about the Action Plan workshop series and how it can be customized for your community, or learn more about other NorthWay Group offerings for helping people out of poverty, please contact Gary Dietrich.

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