Businesses & Organizations

  • Executive Coaching
  • Team Coaching
  • Leaders in Transition

Emerging Leaders

  • Coaching for Individuals
  • Coaching for Groups
  • Supplemental Coaching
  • Becoming Leaders for Life©

Governmental Agencies & Employment Services

  • Employee Education Opportunities
  • Workshops to better serve your clients
  • Action Plan for Living: A New Approach to Poverty

Individuals & Families

  • Individual Coaching
  • Family Coaching
  • Property Succession Planning
  • Leaving Your Legacy: An Introductory Workbook to Property Succession

Tailored Solutions

  • Needs assessment
  • Getting Your Organization in Sync – Strategic planning, mission and goals development, and communication
  • Strategic Planning – NorthWay Group will work with your Board or planning team to help clarify mission, visions, and goals. We will help you develop an action plan outlining the steps to help your organization reach its fullest potential.
  • Reinvigorating Your Organization
  • Supplemental Coaching


Workshops are available as a series or as individual components.

Values & Mission Development

Gain a thorough understanding of what your business or organization is all about, then build on these strengths in order to distill the essence of your work with your core values.

Leadership Development

Actualize your unique role in leadership by utilizing the best of your strengths in communication, group dynamics, and conflict resolution.

Organizational Assessment

Understand your current organizational climate by taking a thorough looking at who you are today. This assessment is tailored to your needs addressing topics such as communication, productivity, employee satisfaction, and customer satisfaction.

Strategic Planning

Ensure the success of your vision by taking a critical look at where you are now, where you want to go, and the steps in between.

Board Development

Energize your board by helping them organize into more effective teams based on individuals’ strengths and passion. Learn to delegate purposefully and create a board that is integrated and focused on the mission of your organization.

Team Building

Build your team by understanding individuals’ strengths.  With the strengths assessment, we show how people can improve communication and team work by working within the framework of their individual strengths.

 Strengths Finder Debriefing

Utilize the valuable knowledge of your own strengths with a personalized debriefing of your Strengths Finder 2.0 results.

The Strengths Approach to Team Building

Learn about the unique strengths of every member of the team! This workshop and strengths assessment will enable you and your staff to recognize and value the individual contributions of each team member. This approach lets you design projects and assignments based on knowledge of where each employee excels and strengthens your entire organization.

Maximizing Communications within Organizations

Ineffective communications within an organization or with clients can severely impact both customer and employee satisfaction. NorthWay Group’s unique approach to maximizing communications starts with an assessment, then designs a workshop, followed by coaching opportunities, which will bring out the best in your team.

Intercultural Excellence

Each of us operates from our own set of cultural values, attitudes, and beliefs and it can be a challenge to communicate effectively when our individual spheres come into contact with others. Learn how to relate to others cross-culturally and watch your effectiveness soar through our unique experiential learning coupled with coaching.

Conflict Resolution

Don’t let conflict derail your mission. Our conflict resolution program combines coaching with Polarity Management, to allow your team to make the connections necessary to obtain your goals.

Organizational Assessment

Become a premier organization in your field. Find out what your organization is good at, and what can take it to the next level! This assessment, based on the appreciative inquiry method, offers the opportunity to celebrate what’s going right and outlines a process to continue on the path to excellence.

Personal Development

Achieve your goals by working with a life coach; giving your best self to your professional and personal life.

Becoming Leaders for Life © (BLL)

An integrated leadership development and coaching curriculum for emerging leaders.

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